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Thanks Brian a well crafted and informative piece of a man who but for poor decisions by previous presidents would likely have had a second term, I refer to the propping up of the shah which ultimately led to the storming of the American embassy and the demise of the carter tenure.

On a sombre note, the best known Georgian politician ATM maybe MTG,. The anti Carter

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Jimmy Carter may been the most intellectually gifted man to serve as President. Add in his dedication to righting the wrongs of the past, fervent defense of democracy, and self-less life, and he maybe the most remarkable American citizen of this century touching more people than anybody. Who else would voluntarily be lowered into a melting down reactor core as he did in Canada in the 50s?

While many consider his presidency a failure, nobody else except maybe Bill Clinton made a bigger contribution to Middle East peace. But the second oil embargo, Iran, inflation, and the so-called “malaise speech” did him in for re-election. But that speech was truth, and to this day there are too many that want to ignore the truth.

But even those events that doomed his presidency were in the making long before he entered the Oval Office. Iran was created in the 50s by the CIA overthrowing the elected government. Inflation was well embedded many years before he took office, but most forget it was Carter who named Paul Volker as Chair of the Fed who took the action needed to stop inflation. And the oil embargo only exacerbated inflation.

We should be so lucky to have somebody of Jimmy Carter’s character and dedication lead this country again. But the question is, would Carter, give the nature of politics today, even come close to winning election? And if not, what does that say about us and the system we have allowed to be created today?

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