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What is really concerning is that many people have learned how to manipulate opinions and change the way people perceive facts and other people in everyday life, even out of the political sphere. This is a sociopathic trait that can be learned and perpetrated and it is becoming very prevalent in our "junkie news" consuming society.

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Eye opening piece. Wonder if it’s possible to construct the schema to view/attack the new RW faction in House GOP? Very very difficult / if their base sees them as a radical opposing force to the Dems - then anything goes no matter how disruptive. If the schema is mainly based on their radical support of Trump then revealing Trump as loser - would that be enough to neutralize that faction? unlikely? Interesting food for thought.

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Brian, this pairs well with your article in The Atlantic on conspiracy and polarization in the US and UK. I like to think of schema as a short, pithy, coherent narrative to hook the audience. Of course, schema can also be used to spread conspiracies and disinformation and outright lies to those who are already susceptible to such things as you point out in the Atlantic.

But taking your reference to HL Mencken to heart, we need schema that attack, ridicule, mock, and otherwise show how ridiculous those misinforming schema are and how such “marks” have been taken by those who do not care about them but only the grift.

Democrats, with the exception of Bill Clinton and Joe Biden, are afraid to do this work. Neither of them were afraid to hit back twice as hard. Ds in general need to call bullshit on the victimhood and snowflake reaction of the loony, conspiratorial right for what it is rather than being sorry for offending them. Those crazy people be never apologize from offending others, why extend them the courtesy?

But again, that needs a schema as well! Keep fighting the good fight, Brian.

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