Could Bacon and Finkel work on the Voynich manuscript next, please?

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Brian, not just a forking path, but completely orthogonal! We all as humans should take heed that sometimes the answer (to a mystery or question being asked) is hidden in plain sight...but we are too dumb, or too arrogant to see it! These are the best discoveries and advances in so many ways.

We (a whole team of us) discovered something that allows us to interpret mixed integer programs used in unit commitment models for operating power systems and showed how it can have useful economic interpretations that was once thought nonsense or impossible. Some of the best breakthroughs came from my own code I wrote for my dissertation where the answer lad laid “hidden” for a few years.

Who would have guessed an economist, mathematician, four operations researchers all converging on how to improve newly formed power markets, all coming from different experiences and expertise, came up with that??

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